So much for ‘taking back control of our borders’ – most immigrants come from outside the EU

24 March 2019
Naila Khan


The Telegraph reported today that earlier this month, amid all the gathering murk and chaos over Brexit, there emerged one odd little shaft of illumination so significant that it deserved much more attention than it got. This was an Ipsos/Mori poll (oddly enough, commissioned by the BBC), which charted the astonishing reversal in recent years of British attitudes to immigration.

According to IPSOS, British attitudes to immigration have softened since the EU referendum – but most still want to see it reduced

  • 44% say they are positive about immigration’s impact on Britain – higher than before the EU referendum
  • But the majority of the public still wants immigration numbers reduced, even though people are beginning to notice that the number of EU immigrants has fallen since the EU referendum
  • Britons think they worry about immigration more than some other European countries, they are actually less worried
  • A majority are dissatisfied with the Government’s handling of immigration among both Leave and Remain voters – though views are not as negative as under Cameron’s government but seven in ten lack confidence the government will hit its “tens of thousands” immigration target by leaving the EU

Just under half (44%) say that migration has had a positive impact on Britain according to a new Ipsos MORI survey among British adults aged 18-75. Three in ten (30%) say migration’s impact has been negative on the country while one in five (20%) say its impact has been neutral. These findings are consistent with previous research by Ipsos MORI which found the British public’s attitudes towards migration have become more positive since the referendum.

It seems as though perceptions are changing but is it enough?

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